The workshops are designed to introduce participants to electronics, programming and integrating them to build a robotic system.  The main goal is to help kick-start hands-on building. No prior experience with electronics or programming is required for the workshops.

The art of building Robots requires know-how of at least 3 different engineering fields. Robotics make it fun and easy for you to get started in any of those field. The course will involve building robotics systems while understanding the fundamentals of various components, methods and techniques required to build it.

Robotics Workshop Tracks:

  1. MicRobotics [μR] – Autonomous Robotics: Introduction to Microcontroller (Arduino)  system. Learn to Program the Microcontroller in ‘C/C++’ programming language. More details about electronics circuit and prototyping mechanical systems. Learn the process to build your own robotics system from conceptualization to final prototype.
  2. Android Droid [DR] – Smartphone Controlled Robot: The Android-Droid workshop teaches students to use their Android device to connect with several electronic components for building applications starting from blinking an LED to building a Robot. [* Note: Previous experience with Java programming is required]

Participants will be provided with take-home Robot kits and tools to begin hacking at home.

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