Android Droid – Smartphone Controlled Robotics

Smartphone and tablets are becoming ubiquitous and increasingly cheap. These amazing devices typically have considerable computation power and memory, internet connectivity, a variety of high-end sensors (camera, GPS, accelerometer and more) and a touch screen display. All of these built-in peripherals are well integrated and easy to access from software.

All that is really missing in order to use them for robotics applications is a way to connect them to external hardware, such as motors and additional sensors. That way, they can replace traditional microcontrollers and embedded code with something that is more powerful and easier to use.

Course Content:


  • Introduction to IOIO (Android Accessory Development Platform)
    • Android Accessory
    • Architecture Overview
  • Programming IOIO with Java
    • Android SDK
      • Programming & Debugging
    • ControllingIOIO from
      • Android Device
      • PC
  • Input & Output devices & interfacing.
    • Analog
    • Digital
  • Display 
    • RGB LED
  • Motors & Motor Drivers
    • Motors
      • DC Geared (hands-on)
      • RC Servo (hands-on)
      • Stepper
    • Drivers
      • Electro-mechanical
      • Solid State
  • Sensors
    • Proximity
    • Distance
    • Environment
  • Wireless Connectivity & Control
    • Bluetooth interfacing
  • Robot Building Activity
    • Conceptualization, design and implementation of a robotic system.

Course Material:

Each group will be provided with a take-away kit that includes:

  • IOIO & Development board
  • All the Electronics components
  • DC & Servo Motors
  • Sensors
  • Battery and adaptor
  • Robot chassis or material to build their own.


Who should attend?

This 2-day, hands-on workshop will focus on providing Software Developers an opportunity to get some experience with electronics hardware. The workshop assumes no prior electronics experience so anyone with some experience in Software development (Java/Android development) and enthusiasm to start hacking Hardware can attend this workshop.

What will I gain at this workshop?

The workshop will give you the chance to get acquainted with a variety of electronic components such as LEDs, sensors and motors. You will get started with hardware hacking, breadboarding and circuit building and creating your own Robotic System.  Each team will be provided with their very own kit with IOIO micro-controller, an awesome Robot kit and a Reference Book to continue hacking away at home.

The workshop takes a hands-on approach, where participants will work on implementing a fully functional robotic system. The actual system is intentionally left unspecified (come up with your own ideas!). However, we will have several suggestions and will be able to provide guidance and assistance.

What should I bring to the Workshop?

Bring along a lot of enthusiasm!

  • Your own compatible Android phone running OS version 1.5 or higher. The IOIO Wiki has an ongoing list of compatible devices.

  • Charger for the Android and a USB Cable (The one that you use to connect the Android device with PC)

  • Laptop for development. Please refer to tutorials and install all the required software.  The participants should follow the Android tutorials at least to the point where they can build, install, and run their own app on their actual Android device. This will help save time on solving installation issues. Please make sure to have JRE 6 (not 7) installed and configured, as the Android development environment has some problems with the later versions.

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